Kelsey Seybold Medical Clinics

Kelsey Seybold Pearland
Kelsey Seybold Pearland

Project Description

Locations: Pasadena, Clear Lake, Humble, Shenandoah

Work Summary: WGA has continued our relationship with the Kelsey Seybold system by providing civil engineering services for nearly all of their most recent clinics. WGA began by providing civil engineer services for the Kelsey Seybold – Pasadena Clinic, a two-story model located directly off of Beltway 8 near Crenshaw Road in Pasadena, Texas. This project required significant coordination with the City of Pasadena, TxDOT, and Harris County Flood Control to work through complex municipal requirements for the proposed water and wastewater systems, floodplain coordination, and access management. Additionally, WGA was challenged with developing a reinforced concrete system for a concrete pad located near the building that would be used to park a mobile MRI machine. It was requested that all ferrous material be removed from the concrete system to avoid potential interference by the MRI machine. WGA resolved this problem by designing a concrete system which utilized fiberglass rebar as opposed to traditional steel rebar.

WGA was then asked to participate in the design of the Kelsey Seybold Clear Lake Clinic located just north of Webster, Texas near the intersection of Interstate 45 and South Ponds Drive. This 3-story model was proposed on a tract of land that was part of new commercial subdivision; a subdivision that was still in design. The site design was additionally complicated by the 60-foot-wide pipeline easement that housed four pipelines, one of which contains highly volatile material. WGA worked very closely with the subdivision’s design engineer to ensure that our design was properly coordinated with the not-yet-constructed roadways, drainage facilities, and utilities. WGA also worked closely with the project architect for the clinic to coordinate resolutions to challenging landscaping requirements and impervious cover limitations that were required by an Architectural Standards Committee that had jurisdiction over the subdivision.

WGA continues its successful relationship with Kelsey Seybold and the design team for the clinics by providing civil engineering design services for the Kelsey Seybold Fall Creek Clinic located in Humble, Texas, the Kelsey Seybold Vision Park Clinic located in Shenandoah, Texas, and the Kelsey Seybold Katy Clinic.

Project Details

  • Client : Richmond Partners/Kelsey Seybold
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