Introducing WGA’s Energy Group

Our team is experienced in successfully managing utility relocations, resolving design conflicts, and handling intricate construction projects, all aimed at ensuring seamless operations across various sectors.

“At WGA, Pete, Bill, and Grant will offer holistic strategies to clients, encompassing a wide spectrum of energy services and solutions for various challenges,” stated WGA Managing Partner, Steven Ward, P.E. “We take pride in welcoming them aboard our team, and eagerly anticipate continued expansion of WGA in the realm of energy innovation.”

  1. Utility Relocation: In the intricate landscape of congested corridors, our team has demonstrated significant prowess in relocating utilities. When pipelines intersect road expansion projects, we seamlessly orchestrate the coordination, engineering, and design of these relocations. Drawing from real-world experience, such as the Loop 410 East expansion project in San Antonio, we devise pipeline re-routes and innovative construction methods (ranging from open ditches to HDD) that minimize downtime during tie-ins.
  2. Conflict Resolution: When design conflicts arise involving Natural Gas, NGL, CO2, Oil, Petroleum Products, Water pipelines or other utility lines, our team can step in. By harnessing a deep understanding of design standards and regulations, we provide tailored solutions to challenges like building over pipelines or intersecting with essential infrastructure. The Corpus Christi Ship Channel deepening and expansion project stands as a testament to the conflict resolution process.
  3. Fueling Commercial Projects: The network of gas lines and utility corridors within large commercial buildings necessitates meticulous planning. Our team excels in crafting gas utility routing strategies that harmonize with extensive property requirements, ensuring seamless integration within ambitious commercial projects.
  4. Trenchless Installations: When regular digging aren’t feasible, our trenchless designs take the lead for installation and removal. We address obstacles like water pipes under roads or discreetly removing utility lines from delicate areas. Our approach blends innovation with following the rules, ensuring we meet regulations.
  5. Safety and Compliance: Prioritizing safety adjacent to Oil, Gas and Electric assets is paramount. Our team contributes by furnishing comprehensive construction site safety notes and details, assuring a secure environment for concurrent operations.
  6. Navigating Wetland Terrain: Building in wetland areas demands careful handling. With our deep knowledge of pipeline and construction rules, we ensure seamless work in these environmentally delicate regions.
  7. Inspection and Constructability: We provide valuable assistance in resolving constructability queries, ensuring that projects proceed seamlessly from blueprint to reality.
  8. Pipeline Traceability and Rehabilitation: The journey of pipelines extends beyond installation. Our team specializes in pipeline traceability and rehabilitation services, safeguarding the longevity and integrity of these vital conduits.

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