Stormwater Information Form Now Available through the Office of the City Engineer

Effective Monday, April 23, 2018, the responsibility for stormwater capacity will transfer from the Utility Analysis section to the Office of the City Engineer. The new Stormwater Information Form will replace the Stormwater Letter of Availability Application form. The Utility Analysis Section will continue to process stormwater applications that have already been submitted to the Houston Permitting Center.

It is preferred that applicants submit the Stormwater Information Form with their public plan, prior to submitting their building plans. The form must be submitted with:

  • A recorded deed or title report in the owner’s name
  • HCAD print out
  • A survey and/or recorded plat
  • Previous stormwater letter of availability (if applicable)
  • Copy of outside agency approval (if applicable)
  • Stormwater quality permit (if applicable)
  • Drainage study/hydraulic analysis (if applicable)

Should additional information be required, the plan reviewer will contact the applicant.

Please note that due to extenuating circumstances the online capacity reservation application through the iPermits portal has not yet been updated to reflect stormwater’s relocation. Please only submit online applications for water and wastewater capacity.

For questions, please contact Stephen Rutledge at