City of Houston Detention Regulation Change

We have been monitoring the City’s proposed detention rate changes via our involvement with American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Houston Chapter. This past Tuesday, we were informed that the proposed detention rate changes will become effective March 31, 2021.

Creative Stormwater Detention Option is Gaining Ground

The next time you park your car in Houston, you might be just a few feet above a system of chambers holding hundreds of thousands of cubic feet of stormwater. Underground stormwater detention systems are becoming an increasingly attractive option in densely developed urban areas where large above-ground detention basins aren’t feasible.

Going with the Flow: Engineering Efficient Water Systems

In most municipalities, long before someone fills their coffee maker, water glass, or tub, a team of engineers has spent considerable time figuring out the best possible way to get them the water they’ll need safely, reliably, and cost-effectively. From the water towers visible in most communities to complex pump and tank systems, municipal water systems require an extensive period of research, planning, and problem-solving before they can be built and implemented. Engineering teams, for example, have to make sure that the system will have enough capacity to meet current, and future, demand.